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STAUFF group has been continuing its R&D, production, marketing and maintenance activities on pipe fitting components and hydraulic line accessories for the industrial machinery and construction sectors for more than 50 years.

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In its product range, approximately 33,000 standard components and numerous system solutions are offered to the customer. In addition to the standard solutions developed, special solutions are produced in line with the customer's requests.

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All products offered by STAUFF have been extensively tested in accordance with applicable international norms and regulations and are subject to high standards set by the company's management.

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In addition, the quality and performance of many of the products have been independently documented, tested and approved by international institutes, organizations and authorities.

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The STAUFF group, which has production and marketing facilities in 18 countries, serves its customers with a high level of accessibility and maximum service capacity with its extensive business partner and representative network in all industrial countries.

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Take advantage of the advantages we offer:

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▪ All your needs under one roof
▪ Expert consultancy services on technical issues
▪ Special system solutions according to the customer's wishes
▪ Continuous quality control and optimization
▪ Always sufficient stock availability on versioned products
▪ Optimized procurement process with smart shipping models
▪ Accessibility in all industrial zones around the world

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As TUFKOM ENGINEERING, as Stauff Turkey distributor, we are at your service to meet your needs for all Stauff Products.


Orta Mahallesi Keban Sokak No:10-B Egemen Sanayi Sitesi B Blok No:15 34956 Tuzla-İstanbul


+90 (216) 999 55 90 

+90 (532) 697 37 04

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