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The STAUFF Filtration Technology product range contains an extensive product range in the areas of filtration and purification of oils and other media, which fully meets – or even exceeds – the requirements of modern service and maintenance of machines and equipment.

As an experienced manufacturer, STAUFF provides quick and direct access to a complete range of replacement filter elements for industrial liquids such as hydraulic and lubrication oils, heavy fuels, water, chemicals, coolants and other media – equal in form, fit and function to the original products while maintaining or surpassing their performance.


Flexible manufacturing lines and extensive stock-keeping in the country of destination guarantee fast reaction times and shortest delivery times.


STAUFF guarantees prompt service, even for customised solutions according to customer’s specifications or based on our in-house development.

STAUFF filter housings and systems can be installed in the pressure, suction of return line. They are already planned in suitable positions in the hydraulic circuit during the design phase of a machine, or added at a later stage in the course of retrofitting or upgrading.


Offline and bypass filters, which are either used as portable units or installed permanently, complete the product portfolio.


Selection of Components within the Hydraulic Circuit
  1. STAUFF Mobile Filter System SMFS-U

  2. STAUFF Plastic Filler Breather SPB

  3. STAUFF Return-Line Filter RF

  4. STAUFF Diffusor SRV

  5. STAUFF Suction Strainer SUS

  6. STAUFF Pressure Filter SF

  7. STAUFF Desiccant Air Breather SDB

  8. STAUFF Offline Filter OLS

  9. STAUFF Level Gauge SNA

  10. STAUFF Spin-On Filter SSF

  11. Oil tank

  12. STAUFF Reader PT-RF

  13. STAUFF Pressure Transmitter PT-RF

  14. STAUFF Hydraulic Tester PPC

  15. STAUFF Particle Monitor LPM-II

  16. STAUFF Laser Particle Counter LasPac-II

  17. STAUFF Pressure Gauge SPG

  18. STAUFF Test Coupling SMK / SKK

Selection of Components within the Hydraulic Circuit.jpg
Hidrolik ve Yağlama Yağlarını içeren Uygulamalar için Yedek Filtre Elemanları.jpg

Replacement Filter Elements for Applications involving Hydraulic and Lubrication Oils

STAUFF manufactures one of the most comprehensive ranges of replacement filter elements
for hydraulic and lubrication applications which are compatible with most of the common
competitor products.
The STAUFF Replacement Element Program includes replacement elements for over 10.000
part numbers covering almost every major international brands of filter elements. The majority
of these are available from stock.
Continuous improvement of the materials used as well as strict quality controls which take
into consideration international standards guarantee the consistently high performance data
of the filter elements.
STAUFF impresses in particular with its:

  • Innovative research, design and development

  • Modern production lines with complete monitoring of production

  • Certified work processes in accordance with:

  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality management

  • ISO 14001:2004 Enviromental protection

  • OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational health and safety

  • Comprehensive stocks and quick delivery

  • Customised products in accordance with customer drawings or on the basis of STAUFF designs

  • Comprehensive worldwide network of wholly-owned subsidiaries and sales partners


The developement and manufacture of STAUFF Filter Elements are subject to strict testing in accordance with:

  • ISO 2941 Collapse and burst resistance

  • ISO 2942 Verification of fabrication integrity (bubble point test)

  • ISO 2943 Compatibility with hydraulic media

  • ISO 3723 End load test

  • ISO 3724 Flow fatigue characteristics

  • ISO 3968 Flow characteristics

  • ISO 16889 Filtration performance test (multi-pass method)

Replacement Filter Elements
Dönüş Hattı Filtreleri için Yedek Filtre Elemanı_edited.jpg
Replacement Filter Element for Return-Line Filters
Filter media

▪ Inorganic Glass Fibre
▪ Polyester Fibre
▪ Cellulose Fibre
▪ Stainless Fibre
▪ Stainless Mesh

Micron rating

▪ see on page 26 Filter Materials 

max. Δp*collapse

▪ 10 ... 25 bar / 145 ... 362 PSI

Sealing Material

▪ NBR (Buna-N®)
▪ FKM (Viton®)


▪ 1 ... 7 bar / 0 ... 101 PSI

End cap

▪ Plastic / Steel / Stainless Steel (alternative End caps on request)
Replacement Filter Elements for Applications involving Hydraulic and Lubrication Oils
Note: * Collapse / burst resistance as per ISO 2941.

Tekli, Çiftli ve Otomatik Filtreler için Yedek Filtre Elemanları.jpg

Interchanging STAUFF Filter Elements

As well as original Filter Elements for our own filter housings, STAUFF also provides access to a comprehensive range of Replacement Filter Elements. They match the quality and can be installed in the products of for example:

  • Argo-Hytos

  • Donaldson

  • Eppensteiner Bosch Rexroth

  • Fairey Arlon

  • Hydac

  • Mahle

  • Internormen

  • Pall

  • Parker

  • Other types are available on request

STAUFF offers many options for filter conversion, design and calculation and supports interested parties and customers with the design of efficient solutions:

  • Online filter search with more than 65000 data sets under

  • Offline filter database with deposited measurements, filter surfaces and drawings

  • Filter selection software for easy filter design and calculation

Thanks to their excellent dirt-hold capacity, all of the filter products supplied by STAUFF have an impressive long service life and high β value stability:

  • Inorganic glass fibre, filter paper, stainless fibre (micron ratings between 3 μm and 25 μm respectively) as well as stainless mesh (micron ratings between 10 μm and 1000 μm)

  • Maximum differential pressure depending on filter media and application for the options


16 bar / 232 PSI, 30 bar / 435 PSI or 210 bar / 3000 PSI. Your local STAUFF Distributor will assist you interchanging to STAUFF elements.

Özel Amonyak Filtre Elemanı_edited_edited.jpg
Special Ammonia Filter Element
Dişli Filtre Elemanlı Yüksek Basınç Bloğu_edited.jpg
High Pressure Block with Threaded Filter Element
Tekli, Çiftli ve Otomatik Filtreler için Yedek Filtre Elemanları.jpg

Replacement Filter Elements for Single, Double and Automatic Filters

We supply replacement filter elements for single, double and automatic filters which are qualified for various type of fluids such as lubricating oils, heavy fuels, water, chemicals and cooling lubricants.

Thanks to state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and numerous approvals and certifications for several international organisations and institutes, we can ensure the highest technical standard and best quality. Our clients include leading international companies.

For more than ten years, we provide shipping companies as well as ship chandlers and traders with hydraulic filters and replacement filter elements for filter housings of other manufacturers.

Vidalı ve Geçmeli Elemanlar - Tip SFK.jpg
Screw-In and Plug-In Elements

We produce high-quality Screw-In and Plug-In Elements in Stainless Steel design or in Plastic design. They fit into the most common single, double and automatic filters.

  • 220 mm … 750 mm / 8.66 in … 29.53 in


30 mm / 1.18 in
Filter media

Stainless Mesh

  • Micron rating

10 ... 200 μm (alternative micron ratings on request)
End cap
  • Stainless Steel / Plastic

  • For lubricating oils, heavy fuels, water, chemicals and cooling lubricants

Basınç Filtreleri.jpg

Pressure Filters

STAUFF Pressure Filters were designed for in-line mounting in hydraulic and lubrication systems. They are placed behind the pump and clean the hydraulic oil before it flows through down-stream components like valves, cylinders and so on. The main reason for pressure filtration is the protection of downstream, sensitive components. Eroded particles from the pump are immediately filtered out of the hydraulic oil. Besides working as a protection filter, Pressure Filters also help to maintain the required purity class.

Because it is placed right behind the pump, a Pressure Filter has to withstand the maximum system pressure. The filter element in the Pressure Filter also has to withstand the loads and is more intricately constructed, for example as a Return-Line filters element.

STAUFF Pressure Filters are available in many different sizes, connections and configurations.
Media Compatibility

Mineral oils, other fluids on request


Options and Accessories


  • Also available with bypass, reverse flow, non-return or multi-function valve

Clogging Indicator
  • On request with visual, electrical or visual-electrical differential pressure indicator

Pressure Filters
Type SF.jpg
Type SF
  • High Pressure Filter designed for in-line assembly

  • Threaded mounting holes on top and fluid ports on side of head

  • Also available as toploader, with bowl in two-part style

  • Operating pressure: max. 420 bar / 6000 PSI

  • Nominal flow rate: max. 1135 l/min / 300 US GPM

  • Materials: Filter head: Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron,

Filter bowl: Cold Drawn Steel

  • Connections: option of BSP, NPT, SAE thread or

  • SAE flange (ISO 6162-1/2)

Dönüş Hattı Filtreleri.jpg

Return-Line Filters

STAUFF Return-Line Filters were designed as filters for tank-top mounting, tank-inside mounting or inline mounting. They filter the hydraulic oil before it flows back into the reservoir. This ensures that contamination arising in the components does not get into the tank. Return-Line filters maintain the targeted purity class like Pressure Filters. However, because of their arrangement, they do not fulfil the additional function of a protection filter. In contrast to a Pressure Filter, it only has to withstand low pressure levels.


The practical design of STAUFF Return-Line Filters enables quick assembly as well as
easy exchange of the filter elements.

Media Compatibility
  • Mineral oils, others on request​

Options and Accessories
  • Filter element integrated bypass valve (except STAUFF Return Line Filter RTF)

​ ​

Clogging Indicators
  • On request with visual path or electrical routing

  • Others on request

Return-Line Filters
Type RF.jpg
Type SF
  • Filter bowl with option of thread connection (e.g. STAUFF Diffuser SRV) or leakage oil connection


  • Operating pressure: max. 16 bar / 232 PSI

  • Nominal flow rate: max. 500 l/min / 130 US GPM

  • Materials: Filter head: Aluminium, Filter bowl: PA

  • Connections: BSP, NPT, SAE thread or

SAE flange (ISO 6162-1)

Hat İçi Filtreler.jpg

In-Line Filters

STAUFF In-Line Simplex Filters SRFL-S and Duplex Filters SRFL-D are designed for in-line hydraulic applications. With its compact construction and the easy maintain assembly the SRFL-S and SRFL-D Filters are suitable for flow rates up to 7000 l/min / 1850 US GPM.

The two housings of the Duplex Filter SRFL-D are connected with a special gate valve that is operated with a level or hand wheel. Therefore the filter may be serviced without shutting down the hydraulic system.

The STAUFF In-Line Filter SRFL-SW is designed for installation in water circulations. This filter can be used for cleaning of e.g. industrial water of descaling systems. The filter elements are designed as basket strainers, which keep the dirt during the element change.

Media Compatibility
  • Mineral oils, lubrication oils and water, others on request

Options and Accessories
Valves (except REL Filter Elements)
  • Bypass valve (integrated in the filter element)

Clogging Indicators
  • On request with visual and electrical differential pressure indicator

  • The SRFL-SW is also available with an visual-electrical differntial pressure indicator

In-Line Filters
Type SRFL-S.jpg
  • Version: Simplex

  • Operating pressure: max. 14 bar / 200 PSI

  • Nominal flow rate: max. 7000 l/min / 1850 US GPM

  • Materials: Filter housing: Carbon Steel,

Stainless Steel (on request)

  • Connections: ANSI, DIN or SAE flange (ISO 6162-1/2)

Spin-On Filtre Elemanları.jpg

Spin-On Filters

STAUFF provides a complete range of Spin-On Filters which can be used either as Suction-Line filters or as Return-Line filters for low pressure applications. The various ranges meet international standards.

  • Filter head: Aluminium


Media Compatibility
  • Mineral oils, others on request


  • BSP

  • NPT

  • SAE flange

  • SAE thread

  • Other ports connections on request

Operating Pressure
  • Max. 14 bar / 200 PSI

Temperature Range
  • -30 °C ... +100 °C / -22 °F ... +212 °F


Nominal Flow Rate
  • Max. 460 l/min / 120 US GPM


Options and Accessories


Clogging Indicators
  • Visual clogging indicator with coloured segments

  • Electrical clogging switch

  • Other types are available on request


Private Labelling
  • On request, the filter elements can be printed with a private label

Spin-On Filters
Spin-On Filter Heads.jpg
Spin-On Double Filter Heads.jpg
Spin-On Filter Heads2.jpg
Spin-On Filter Heads
designed for in-line assembly
Spin-On Filter Heads
designed for tank top assembly
Spin-On Double Filter Heads
designed for in-line assembly
Çevrimdışı ve Bypass Filtreleri.jpg

Spin-On Filter Elements

STAUFF offers a wide range of Spin-On filter heads and Spin-On filter elements.


Sealing Material
  • NBR (Buna-N®)


Media Compatibility
  • Mineral oils, other fluids on request


Temperature Range
  • -30 °C ... +100 °C / -22 °F ... +212 °F

Filter Materials

Wire Mesh, Brass Mesh, Filter Paper, Inorganic Glass Fibre, Stainless Wire Mesh and Water Absorbing Filter Material


Options and Accessories
  • Filter elements type SFCT have an internal bypass and anti-drain back diaphragm

Offline and Bypass Filters
Types SFC-35/36, SFCT-35/36
  • Use with Spin-On filter heads SSF-12, SSFT-12 and SSFT-12B

  • Connection thread: G3/4

  • Operating pressure: SFC: max. 12 bar / 174 PSI

SFCT: max 7 bar / 100 PSI

  • Differential Pressure: SFC: max. 4 bar / 58 PSI

SFCT: max. 3 bar / 43,5 PSI

  • Burst Pressure: SFC: min. 25 bar / 363 PSI

SFCT: min 21 bar / 305 PSI

Filtrasyon Sistemleri.jpg

Offline and Bypass Filters

STAUFF Offline and Bypass Filter Systems are designed to keep hydraulic and lubrication systems free of particles and water contamination. STAUFF OLS and BPS Units utilize the STAUFF Systems concept for the removal of contamination from hydraulic and lubrication systems. Desiccant Air Breathers, which clean and dry the air entering the reservoir, are also part of this contamination removal system.

STAUFF Systems will provide optimal system cleanliness for today’s sophisticated hydraulic and lubrication systems.

  • Increased flow capacity and dirt-hold capacity

  • Prevention of channel forming by radial filtration direction

  • Extremely clean oil due to the high filtration efficiency ß0,5 ≥ 200, ß2 ≥ 2330

  • Compact and easy-maintenance design

  • Longer usage life for oil and components

  • Housing: Anodized Aluminium, available with one, two or four filter housings in two different length


Housing Pressure
  • Max. 20 bar / 290 PSI

System Volume
  • Max. 10800 l / 2853 US GAL


  • G3/8, G1/2 and G3/4, Fitting with 18L connection


Differential Pressure
  • Max. 6,2 bar / 90 PSI


  • Max. +80 °C / +176 °F media temperature


Media Compatibility
  • Mineral and lubrication oils, others on request


Options and Accessories


Clogging Indicators
  • Visual Clogging Indicators

Filtration Systems
  • Offline Filter System with intergrated motor/pump unit

  • Availab Special designed for industrial applications

Type OLS
  • Bypass filter units are especially designed for mobile

  • Applications in hydraulic and/or transmission systems

  • No special motor-pump unit is required

Type BPS
Filtrasyon Sistemleri.jpg

STAUFF Europe Filtration Systems

STAUFF Mobile Filtration Systems type SMFS are designed to cover a wide application range in the area of offline-filtration.

Being compact, powerful and robust the units assist the preventive maintenance, either when transferring fresh oils or purifying existing hydraulic and lubrication oil systems.

By selecting high-quality components, the SMFS is suitable for purifying small and medium size systems in a very short time or for a permanent offline-filtration on large hydraulic systems.

  • High nominal flow rates of 15 l/min / 4 US GPM respectively 110 l/min / 30 US GPM by using high-quality gear pumps and energy-efficient, high-performance three phase motors suitable for continuous duty cycle 

  • Flexible use (mobile or stationary offline-filtration, filter elements available in different micro ratings)

  • All Units are equipped with a 200 μm pre filter

  • Drip pan for residual oil

  • Easy and safe handling

  • Rugged construction

  • Filter elements with 4Pro media provide high dirt holding capacity and filtration performance

  • Made in Germany

Type SMFS-P-015
  • Portable hand-held unit

  • Compact and light-weight design

  • Very flexibilty

  • High-quality gear pump

  • Nominal flow rate: max. 15 l/min / 4 US GPM

  • Motor versions: 230 V 50 Hz or 400 V 50 Hz

  • Micron rating available from 3 ... 125 μm

  • Also available with a blank filter element for the reason of used oil to be removed from the hydraulic reservoir

  • Weight: approx. 33 kg / 73 lbs

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